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Both have their own pros and cons. Talking about the price, Airbrush is comparatively more expensive than the traditional one. But, it is also the speedier one. Not every Indian Makeup Artist is an expert when it comes to using the Airbrush gun, so make sure you go to a renowned makeup artist.

Yes, we do. The travel and accommodation costs will be borne by the client. However, in places that are close to Delhi, Noida, Greter Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Chandigarh, we do not require accommodation..

We recommend one sitting of Facial cleansing, pedicure, Manicure, Body scrub and Massage, Hair oil and conditioning, Hair cut, Bleaching (optional), Threading and Waxing. However, please make sure that all hair removal procedures are done at least 3 days before the wedding day.

We recommend you to clean and moisturize your face daily and to eat a healthy and well-balanced meal. Strict diets before your wedding are not a good idea as it reflects on your skin. Tanvi takes special classes on Skin and Hair care for Brides to be so that the glow comes from within.

You need to bring your outfit, shoes, jewelry, appropriate inner wear and flowers(optional). We take care of your hairstyle, bindi, nail paint and false eye lashes.

It takes anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending on your skin type.

Eye makeup depends on the structure and shape of your eyes. Figure out which shape your eyes are – protruding, downturned, deep-set, mono-lids or hooded eyes. The eye makeup is always done according to the shape and size of your eyes.